Designing Nameplates in Tinkercad’s Codeblocks

It takes just a few minutes to design a nameplate using the Codeblocks application in Tinkercad. The export button in Codeblocks quickly creates a .stl for the nameplate to be 3D printed.

Here are the codeblocks for a nameplate:

The white box with a height of 2 mm serves as a base for the nameplate.

The move codeblock is used to center the text on the base and create raised text by increasing the Z value for the text.

The Scale codeblock (not used) can be used to make the text smaller and larger. Keep the X and Y scale values the same and leave the Z scale value set at 1.

The Create Group codeblock combines (adds) the Box and Text into one object.

Press the Step button and then use the spacebar to view a step-by-step animation of the codeblocks being executed.

A Prusa i3 MK2 took 19 minutes to print the nameplate. I am looking forward to 3D printers getting faster.

GIF and .zcode files can be downloaded from

Those not familiar with Tinkercad’s Codeblocks should see An Introduction to Tinkercad Codeblocks.

TinyML, AI, Edge Impulse, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Pickleball

TinyML, AI, Edge Impulse, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Pickleball