How to Make and Assemble Objects in Tinkercad’s Codeblocks: Divide, Simulate, Assemble (DSA)

  1. Codeblocks includes a simulator. You can press the Run button for an object (a part) and see if it is what you expect.
  2. Many of Codeblock’s shape objects include parameters. The value of a parameter can be easily changed.
  3. You can adjust the design of a part by using the simulator in connection with changing parameter values.
  4. Codeblocks’s simulator allows you to visualize the assembly process.

The Ring

Codeblocks to create the Ring.
Ring being created.

The Jaw

Codeblocks to create the Jaw.
Jaw being crated.


Codeblock for Handle.
Codeblocks to assemble the wrench.



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